The episode begins like this “Tails trying to get the rudeness out of Sonic and so he creates the rude no more system, but they kind of get stuck in it together, and they create clones of themselves, which are rude. And they swear, but theres had beeps over the swearing. So I think that’s one that you can only catch it at sega world (which is closed) and stuff. But not on the air.” But it was on YouTube but was removed there rumors that the episode was aired once. On January 22nd, 2013, Comedy central posted the episode on its official YouTube channel receiving over 750,000 views within 48 hours. The same day, the video was highlighted in an article on The 4/chan/ Post and submitted to the videos subreddit, where it received over 10,800 up votes and 700 comments in less than two I said they removed it.

It was removed by 4kids all over the Internet