Cletus and the Great Leaf-Bot is the first comic in the Cletus Comics series. It was undated, but it came out Late December 2010.This comic marks the first appearence of Cletus, Tetch 60, and Jack.In the comic Tetch 60 tells Cletus a story about a creature called the Leaf-Bot. Cletus does not believe him, but then Tetch 60 decides to trick him by dressing up as the Leaf-Bot.Cletus runs all arou.d town foer a while, until he ends up in his house. He gets mad when he finds out it was just Tetch 60. He gets Tetch 60 back by telling him to watch out for a creature who eats robots made from Metal, Inc.. Tetch 60 gets scared when he sees the "monster" behind him. He then runs home to his mommy.